Frequently Asked Questions

The BeADisciple Study App

The Basics

The BeADisciple Study App is an ecumenical Christian platform that provides all resources necessary for participation in meaningful small-group study.

Your purchase includes a digital manual, the complete Common English Bible (CEB), videos, and other course material. Just as important are the ways this digital study can connect group members as they grow in their faith: a weekly Zoom meeting, prayer requests, group discussions, and other faith-building tools. The app offers a remedy to the post-pandemic disconnect many people now feel with their churches, allowing them to rebuild engagement from their homes or even while traveling.

The app contains all the resources you will need for your selected study, including a digital manual, the complete Common English Bible (CEB), videos, and commentaries. It also takes care of logistical tasks creating a group roster.

The app is free! After you download it, you will be able to browse available studies for purchase.

The cost is comparable to what you would spend on typical material for an in-person study with hard-copy curriculum.

That depends on which study you choose. Details about expected time commitments can be found by browsing the studies available on the app.

Accessing and using the app

Beginning August 1, the app will be available for free on the App Store or the Google Play Store. Just download it onto your smartphone or tablet.

You can download the free BeADisciple Study App in the App Store or the Google Play store. Once you log in on the app, you’ll find the study you’ve purchased.

The app will help direct you to your group. Some groups will be private, formed by leaders that will be available only by invitation. Other groups will be open-registration, meaning anyone can join them. Leaders are responsible for recruiting their own core group members.

As part of the registration process you will have the option of signing up with a specific leader (you’ll need a code provided to you by that leader), or requesting placement in an open-registration group.

Yes, you can take part in multiple groups at the same time. Some studies have more extensive reading or response requirements, so you will need to gauge your own ability to keep up with these requirements in order to participate meaningfully in each group.

Your own schedule is the only limit on the number of study groups you can lead simultaneously. Each group has a weekly meeting, so you will need to have time to prepare for these and be familiar with the material.

Yes, you have the option to have two leaders, and many find it a fun and convenient way to share responsibilities. Many also choose to lead solo.

Yes! Once you download the app, you will have the option to purchase a study as a gift for someone else.

Technology questions

Participants need only an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. Leaders also need a laptop or desktop computer to conduct meetings.

If you can write and send an email or check a social media account, you can use the BeADisciple Study App.

Yes, you can access the app on your desktop or laptop computer from an internet browser such as Edge, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

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