I want to do a study on the app! Now what?

Your next steps are simple, whether you want to be a leader or a participant:

  1. Register on our site at App.BeADiscipleApp.com/register. (Check your junk folder if you do not immediately see the verification email.)
  1. Log in to the web version of the app at App.BeADiscipleApp.com/login/.
  1. Browse Studies” and select the study you’d like to purchase.

For Leaders

  1.  Select the Leader Package.
  2. Read and click “Yes” next to the Leader Commitment statements, then complete your purchase. (If you pre-purchased a Leader Package, enter your code under the My Purchase section.)
  3. Complete Leader Training. We recommend you do this via computer.
  4. Create a Study Group. (Module 8 walks you through the simple process.) This will generate a unique Study Group ID you give to participants to register for your group as they purchase the study.

Then it’s time to invite participants to join your Study Group.

For Participants

  1. Select the Participant Package.
  2. You will be asked if you have a Study Group ID.
    • If you do, enter the ID your leader has provided and review the details to confirm your selection.
    • If you don’t have a Study Group ID, click that you do not, and you will then see a list of available groups you can explore. If you find a match, wonderful! Choose it and proceed. If you do not find a match today, please check back often to explore newly added Study Groups.
  3. Once you are registered with a Study Group, read carefully and click “Yes” next to the Participant Commitment statements, then complete your purchase. If you have a pre-purchase code, enter it under the My Purchase section you’ll see to the right of your screen.

Then it’s time to participant in your Study Group.

Upon completion of the purchase, you will see on your home page a white card representing your Study Group – click on this card to enter your Study Group’s portal and get started on the Orientation assignment. You’ll go through some onboarding prompts the first time you enter the portal to help familiarize you with key features of the app.

Accessing the app

Download the mobile app

Conveniently take the study along with you anywhere. Simply log in to access your Study Group portal like you do on our website.

Bookmark the web-based version of the app on your browser

For easy access to the app on our website, visit app.beadiscipleapp.com/login/.