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Disciple Fast Track
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You can pick between two studies in the Fast Track series, both of which have been revised, updated, and expanded from the print version:

  • Disciple Fast Track I, “Becoming Disciples Through Bible Study,” offers a sweeping survey of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, with readings that cover the equivalent of about half the Bible.
  • Disciple Fast Track II, “Into the Word, Into the World,” is a closer look at four of the Bible’s most foundational books: Genesis and Exodus in the Old Testament and Luke and Acts in the New Testament.

Both studies are 24 weeks, split equally between the Old and New Testaments. Each includes commentary with background and context, as well as original content from biblical scholars, who provide additional authority.

No, but it is highly recommended. Disciple Fast Track I offers participants a strong base of understanding of the entire Bible, which will help you get more out of a deeper dive into Genesis, Exodus, Luke, and Acts in Disciple Fast Track II.

All three generations of DISCIPLE adhere to the tenets of the original study: daily Bible readings (with equal attention to the Old and New Testaments), authoritative commentary, and weekly meetings led by a group member trained as a discussion facilitator, not a lecturer.  The original DISCIPLE and Disciple Fast Track are published in hard-copy manuals and group meetings are in person. The digital Disciple Fast Track on the app contains everything participants need in one place and is accessible on your smartphone, tablet, or any internet browser. Weekly meetings can be in person or on Zoom.

The app versions of Disciple Fast Track also contain additional and revised content. Both studies have new scholar perspectives, increased emphasis and support of daily prayer, a private group message board and prayer chain, and a digital notebook. Disciple Fast Track I also includes all-new review videos. 

The digital version is the most convenient yet. Everything you need for the study — the commentary, note-taking, and the entire Common English Bible (CEB) — is on the app.

It also offers the most interactivity of any version of the study. During the week, if you have a thought or a question you want to share with your group, the app’s discussion board allows you to interact between meetings, and group discussion questions invite participants to respond and interact. Have a prayer concern? Post it on the app so your group can join you in prayer.

Because the weekly meetings can be on Zoom, the digital version also has no geographic boundaries. Fill your roster with friends, family, fellow church members, and mission partners from across town — or around the world. And when you travel, the meeting can go with you!

The app has been built to be easy to navigate and intuitive. If you’re acquainted with Facebook (or other social media) and you’re familiar with Zoom, you should feel at home on the digital version of Disciple Fast Track.

The digital version of Disciple Fast Track uses the Common English Bible (CEB), which is embedded in the app. Introduced in 2011, the CEB is written at a comfortable level for over half of all English readers, and it’s designed to make the Bible accessible to a broad range of people. Developed by a diverse team of over 120 scholars, the CEB is considered among the largest cross-denominational translation projects in history.

No. The study was created to be ecumenical, though its roots are in the tradition of Methodist founder John Wesley, who pioneered class meetings. Over the decades, the DISCIPLE and Disciple Fast Track study series has been widely used in all mainstream Christian denominations.

The digital study is designed for an intimate small-group experience with eight to 15 participants.

You’ll need to allow about 30 minutes, five days a week to read the Scripture and commentary and to answer personal reflection and review questions. The weekly meetings are 75 minutes for Disciple Fast Track I and 90 minutes for Disciple Fast Track II.

From its very beginnings, the DISCIPLE study series has been committed to elevating a “learner among learners” to lead groups, so you won’t need any special scriptural knowledge — just a willingness to facilitate discussion. Yes, group leadership does require extra commitment, but the study’s creators have worked to make the role both meaningful and manageable.

The leader training is included on the app; it’s self-paced and takes about two hours. You’ll also receive guidance on recruiting participants and group retention. An easy-to-follow leader guide with time recommendations is provided for every session, giving you the confidence to keep participants on task and on schedule. You’ll want to set aside a half-hour weekly to prepare for each meeting and review the leader guide.

You can enroll now! Simply go to to choose a leader or participant package from any of the available studies.

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