App Features

A perfect blend of study and connection built into every day.  

The BeADisciple Study App offers an easy way to enjoy quality Christian education and online-group building, using your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The app offers all study materials in both audio and text formats, including Scripture assignments, commentary, videos, and the entire CEB Bible. You also can type or use voice-to-text to take notes, answer group-discussion questions, post to the prayer request board.

Creating a virtual study group that meets on Zoom means that you now can include anyone in your group, including snowbirds, new parents, second-shift workers, frequent travelers, and those who are homebound.

Here’s a deeper look at all the app has to offer.

Designed for a transformational experience

A growing library of studies to choose from

The BeADisciple Study App is launching with Disciple Fast Track I and Disciple Fast Track II, with more studies to be added starting in 2024.

All the study materials you need are in the app

All Scripture readings, commentaries, and study videos are built right into the app.  You’ll never worry about forgetting your study book or Bible for your meeting or have technical playback issues again.

The entire Bible

We’ve partnered with the United Methodist Publishing House to embed the entire Common English Bible (CEB) into the app, meaning you don’t need to click between apps to access Scripture readings  each day. And because it’s the complete Bible text, not just the assigned verses, you can read beyond the assignment for deeper understanding and context.

A built-in private digital notebook

Keep your thoughts organized as you progress through the study. Notes can be entered easily by either typing or using the voice-to-text feature, and are always right at your fingertips throughout your study. These notes are private to you and are not shared with leaders or other members of your group.

Expanded study content

The two Disciple Fast Track studies feature revised and expanded content, including new videos that feature leading biblical scholars from around the world, speaking on topics related to the weekly sessions. The adapted Disciple Fast Track I also features new weekly review videos. Even if you’ve participated in a Disciple study before, you’ll gain something new from experiencing it on the app! 

Designed for community

Open-registration or private study groups

Study groups formed on the app can be private — with a leader you already know issuing invitations to join. Or, if you're not a part of a group being organized by your faith circle, you can select from a list of open-registration groups with participants from around the world.

Private group roster

Every group member completes a profile with a photo and information they want to share with fellow participants. Everyone in the group can then access the private roster and contact information to get acquainted and make communication easy.

Group discussion questions

Group discussion threads pose questions to encourage reflection and discussion of key study themes.

Private prayer board

This board allows you to share your prayer requests and to respond to requests posted by other group members.

Private message board

This board allows you to interact with group members, apart from prayer requests or group-discussion questions. You can even post photos and videos.

Tools to easily keep you engaged

Built-in training

Both participants and leaders will find onboarding prompts app training once they join a study group.

Read or listen to all course material

All commentary, Scripture, and daily psalms are available via audio as well as text. You can listen to your assignments while running errands or doing household chores!  And if you’re in a place where you can’t listen to audio, no problem — transcripts are included for all videos.

Daily push communications

Group members can choose to receive activity notifications to stay better engaged with the material and one another. Notifications can be turned on for Daily Assignment reminders, new posts, and responses from group members throughout the week.

Embedded video conferencing

Group meetings can be launched right from the app! When it's time for your weekly meeting, simply click "Join," and you'll be connected — no Zoom account needed.

Personalized meeting guides

The app generates a personal meeting guide for each weekly meeting that includes all discussion questions, key content, maps and images, and even your answers to Daily Assignment questions.

Special features for leaders

Leader training

Leaders receive all the same app training as participants, as well as special training to help them be a confident, effective group leader.

Leader meeting guides

Leader guides for each meeting offer additional study information, discussion prompts, and cues for efficient time management—everything leaders need to oversee discussion for the entire group or in breakout sessions.